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1 definition by 3!0h!3

Rossford. Hmm what to say. You either love it, or you hate it. With our amazing football team *cough*, and school known for it's hygenic and intelligent students *cough*, it's a wonder why some hate it...

But don't let me make Rossford sound bad, it's not all that bad :) I mean growing up in Rossford you get a great sense of family because everybody knows everybody and everything about them. Also it's a very beautiful place, there's Veteran's Park and Beach Street. I mean who wouldn't want to spend a day there? Take a wiff of the Maumee River, watch a game of underhand lob life is grand ain't it.

Or or or! You could get ice cream from that ice cream place, whatever the hell it's name is now? I mean they change it every 2 days or so it seems.

Another good thing about Rossford is the annual All Saints Festival. I would be there now, but I don't want to crush the 100 year old ponies and listen to polka music.

Anywho, if you haven't realized I was talking in a sarcastic tone, well yeah, I have been the whole time. That's what we are, a bunch of sarcastic Polish people.

Butttt, nevertheless, I will miss this little shithole when I go off to college :]

P.S.-Give a shout out to the bird man if you see him!! And! Don't forget to hate on Perrysburg!!
Girl: I loveeee Rossford!
Boy: Me toooo :) Wanna sell weed to some people?
by 3!0h!3 July 23, 2010
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