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3 definitions by 2yeare

go sit on a penis
Idher akay mere lun pe char.
by 2yeare July 24, 2003
32 18
A bigass shoes and apparel store chain that has been taken over by nigga' and wigga' kinds. Now only sells overpriced hiphop and fittycent-style sportswear. Most niggas go there to spent their entire two week $129.78 paycheck.

Go to Florsheim instead.
Yo' hommies, lezt go to footlocker and get those new uptowns for $249.95.
by 2yearE May 02, 2004
65 53
A transexual person.
Mard bun, Razia na bun.
by 2yeare July 25, 2003
22 77