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similar to the shocker with the addition of the thumb and tongue. 2 in the pit, 1 in the shit, thumb on the clit, and tongue on the tit.
I think I am going to give little betty the super shocker tonight. Giggity giggity.
by 2nd Seal September 09, 2003
Injaculation is sticking 2 fingers on your PC muscle near the anus to keep semen from coming out during the orgasm. The semen is pushed back into the persons bladder, prolonging the orgasm and causing some painfull pissing in the morning.
by 2nd seal February 18, 2003
When a true pervert dies and goes to hell he may become a demon who rapes sinners with his fiery penis of eternal suffering.
I'm gonna fuck you with my flaming hell-cock, and your ass will BURN for eternity!
by 2nd seal February 18, 2003
Girl I Like From Far Away. This is the girl that you think is hot until you are close enough to see what she really looks like. Also A girl that looks good from behind but looks like a baboon from the front.
I saw this hot chick the other day so I walked up to her but the bitch was a GILFFA and I almost tossed my fuckin cookies.
by 2nd seal February 18, 2003
English-the place of the skull. The location of the crucifixtion of Christ. Named because of its resemblence to a human skull.
Christ was crucified at Golgotha.
by 2nd Seal December 09, 2003
A phrase coined by dumbass rednecks all over the south and made famous by Denis Leary.
Dang man! A ding dang do! I can't think of a damn intelligent thing to say on account of bein' a dumb redneck.
by 2nd Seal February 19, 2003
Choppin' the wood is a term for masturbation in which the masturbator get blisters on his hand from doing it too hard.
I was choppin' the wood last night and I got a giant blister in the middle of my hand.
by 2nd Seal September 09, 2003

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