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The act of being forced to sacrifice time in order to hang out with either a girlfriend or a girl you are trying to bone. DAB is an acronym for Dumb Ass Bitch, so really, it is to say you are being sucked away from your friends or your responsibilities to hang out with some DAB, hence the expression, DAB Duty.
Jeremy: Chris, come play basketball with us.
Chris: Man...I WANT to, but I have to hang out with Chantel tonight.
Jeremy: What!? You're on DAB Duty AGAIN!? You're such a fag.
#dab #d.a.b. #ho #slut #square beezy
by 2muchdutch October 18, 2007
Semi-poon is used to describe what a retarded teenager would refer to as having a girl let him eat her out. It is synonymous with cunnilingus, and when referred to as "semi-poon", sounds much more intriguing than it actually is meant to sound.
JC: Guys, you won't believe this. Last night, I got semi-poon.

Guys: ...what the fuck is semi-poon?

JC: Well, you know...my girlfriend let me eat her out.

Guys: Oh. Um.....cool, I guess.
#cunnilingus #oral sex #box munching #clam buffet #eating out
by 2muchdutch August 10, 2010
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