6 definitions by 2m8rh8r

A beautiful nobody........famous only thanks to physical attributes and free exposure via the internet.
Seems like everyday the world is in love with the latest Kardashian ....what have we become ?
by 2m8rh8r February 23, 2010
The models who appear in the ads for Snorg Tees. Depicted wearing shirts that have snarky comments.
Dude, did you see that snorgteeslut last night ? Yeah, she thinks she's so hot, but she is so not !
by 2m8rh8r February 05, 2010
The act of adding 3 grams of non dairy creamer to a quarter gram of meth and calling it an eight ball.
I fell asleep by 9 pm, I think he gangreened me.
by 2m8rh8r February 05, 2010
The act of giving birth to a sailor in the library.

To defacate. Also used to imply someone is "the shit"
Man, she scared me so bad, I took a brance, in my pants.

London, England, Paris, France... Drop your pants and take a brance.

That guy brought three hookers to my bachelor party, what a brance !
by 2m8rh8r February 05, 2010
A guy who talks forever about nothing. Illustrated by a skit "Bo Hagons Phone Call" performed on the album Crunk Juice.
My cell phone minutes are almost gone, thanks to that bohagonite !
by 2m8rh8r February 05, 2010
To send someone an outrageous bill for doing what is normally free.
That electrician should be in porn. He tried to bramlett me for $500 !
by 2m8rh8r February 05, 2010

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