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OTP = One True Pimp! Is a term used in a group of select guys which originated in Washington State but has already spread as far down as Texas.

These guys were originally known as OTP only if they could pull a girl that was chosen by a group of friends publicly & not get denied the digits. This is a Pimp in his truest form, he can get any girl with good looks, his charm or his attire etc...a true pimp has many ways to wue a woman & is confident he can "come through every time rain or shine."

It was later adapted to mean an act that was "tight" "bomb" or "Pimp"
used in a greeting or when talking about a move a guy makes that is smooth, sweet or just flat out "PIMP"..."What up OTP?"

"Damn...did you see that? Now that was OTP!"
by 2inTrbo September 16, 2009

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