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Juice head is someone abusing steroids almost to a point of addiction, Usually steming from underlying issues of self worth or confidence.

Sure signs of juice head: Nautal developed muscle is usually ridgid with a grainy look with sharp edges. clear visible veins from blood viscosity. (Developed muscle is scar tissue)

Juice Heads look "Puffy" or "Swollen" another term "Swoll" Typically this is only a temporary look as the muscle is retaining more fluid. so continual use is need to obtain look.

Puffy face, alot of juicers are un-proportioned meaning larger upper body with skinny legs.

Side effects: Trashed liver, possible greasy skin (Achne) debateable anger issues. Thyroid problems, natural growth failure (growth hormone)in adolesents, decrease in natural Testosterone leading to shrinking of testicles.

"Juice"- long time code among atheletes in bodybuilding and strength training.

Added "Head" usually meaning someone who takes it to the extreme or only motivated by a particular. Ex: Dick head, Pot head, crack head.
HaHa look at that dumbass juice head, wanna buy him a milk?!
by 2chase January 27, 2011

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