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3 definitions by 2TNfan

Lead guitarist for 2 Term Nightmare. Shreds like a Ginsu on the Fat Strat. Currently on lead vocals, due to Cheddar's house arrest. See also Adler.
Adler shreds so hard my ears bled.
by 2TNfan June 08, 2005
3 0
Drummer of 2 Term Nightmare. Beats his drums like they're women. Smokes blunts like they're going out of style. See also midget.
Did you go to the show last night? Jay Jay beat those drums like my Dad beats my Mom!
by 2TNfan June 08, 2005
17 30
Cute singer of 2 Term Nightmare. Can be spotted at home, due to current house arrest. See also Axl Rose.
Cheddar wails like a banshee, but complains about shit like he's Axl fucking Rose.
by 2TNfan June 08, 2005
0 13