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A dangerous shark species. Is common in warm, shallow waters, but also tolerates fresh water of the Rems river.
Dude, we were having a bath in the Rems yesterday when a bull shark ate my grandma!
by 2Gun Vega April 24, 2008
If someone gets owned in Great Britain, or just owned by a British.
The little chinese girl got bloody owned by the Queen when she refused to shake her hand.
by 2Gun Vega April 24, 2008
1.)short form of Ruga Rell (also Ruger Rell) that's another name of Dipset rapper Hell Rell
2.)another word for a gun, especially used by Hell Rell
1.)Hell Rell: "Mister Ruga Ruga, I'm a shoota shoota!"
2.)"I got rugas in the trunk, pull over and dump"
by 2Gun Vega June 15, 2008
Communistic cheese is the most popular cheese in Russia. Like for example mozarella is the most popular cheese in Italy.
Woman: "What's the most popular cheese in Germany?"
Guy: "Dunno."
Woman: "And what's the most popular cheese in Russia?"
Other Guy: "Hey, hey, I know it! It's communistic cheese!"
by 2Gun Vega April 21, 2008
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