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The act of having explosive diarrhea in close proximity to a toilet which results in fecal matter splatter on said toilet and nearby areas. Fecal matter splatter resembles the pattern of buckshot or birdshot. Usually associated with Radar Ass or Radar Butt.

Antonym: Immaculate Defecation
Guy 1 - Dude, I had such bad ED that I barely pulled down my pants and BAAMM. Bathroom Buckshot.
Guy 2 - Nasty, good thing we are at White Castle.
by 2Black2Strong May 27, 2014
A portagee law jockey, or a poor man's version of the virgin mary in a half-shell.

These shrines most often house a statue of the Blessed Virgin and are constructed by upending an old bathtub and burying one end.
Fall River 1: Hey, Mariário look behind the chain link fence, is that a new bathtub madonna?

Fall River 2: Sim.
by 2Black2Strong January 22, 2012
Slang term for unfiltered Sake or Nagori Sake which has a milky white (semen like) appearance.
Waiter - That table of gay guys just ordered a a round of Nagori Sake shots.
Bar Tender - I bet they want buKkake sake.
by 2Black2Strong June 06, 2015

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