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get motivated to go.
I'm tired of sitting around...let's mogate.
by 270geeser December 28, 2009
A chicken breast sandwich, dressed and ready to eat, defined by a drunk.
Are we ready to eat these chickenschnackens? Pull me another beer.
by 270geeser November 12, 2011
To remove the skin of an animal. (past tense)
Jeff shot that deer, but he ain't got it unskunned yet.
by 270geeser December 17, 2009
The accumulation of snow and ice that forms behind the wheel of an automobile or truck when driving in winter weather.
My mungrumps got so big I couldn't turn the damn corner!
by 270geeser December 17, 2009
An erection so strong that it can burst through the zipper on your jeans.
My zipper isn't broken, I have a neureltney!
by 270geeser July 25, 2015

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