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The moment you have the talk about going from hooking up to a relationship. Might be awkward to initiate, especially if the two parties aren't on the same page. The "SO" refers to "significant other." Often involves phrases like "Where do we stand?", "Is this going anywhere?", and "Let's DTR."
- Chris: "I had the So... moment with Lisa the other day."

- Will: "And??"

- Chris and Lisa in unison: "It's official!” (holding hands)
by 23419 January 08, 2014
The awkward moment when you see your friend posting a cute video on a girl's FB wall. Often the first public sign of a crush that will snowball into a PDA-heavy relationship.
Example of Cute Videoed:

- John: "Did you see Carl post that puppy video on Sarah's FB wall? Beginning of the end."

- Rich: "(eyeroll)”
by 23419 January 08, 2014
synonymous with on the same level. friends who are on the level think similarly and get along well.... when presented with a problem, they might arrive at similar solutions.
me and holmes are on the level; he knows me better than I know myself.
by 23419 June 29, 2004
lame excuse for not entering into any relationship. get over yourself... you're not that cool. other people aren't cool enough to hang out with you?
yeah, we went out... yeah, she was bangin and I was blingin... but I'm not going to call her back. I guess I just have really high standards.
by 23419 June 29, 2004
Intoxicating a girl with the cuteness of your puppies, such that she will bang you. Roof, roof!
I took my puppy over to Katies house and she got so into it, we hit the skins. Thanks to the roofies.
by 23419 August 16, 2011
a combination of the words butt + poon.

poon is to boon as pussy is to butt.
I heard Mike got some good boon out of his girlfriend on Sunday night. I could hear her moans from two houses away
by 23419 July 03, 2004
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