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The teabagger and especially teahadist followers of "Ayn" Rand Paul for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. They usually hail from outside the state. In fact, most of them do.

This group's propensity toward domestic terrorism is sometimes encouraged by the Rand Paul campaign, in its explicit support of militia activity and unrestricted firearm ownership.
The Rand Paul campaign is yet again rallying Ayn Qaeda for a money bomb.
by 21st Century Soothsayer April 04, 2010
CB lingo. A male trucker who wants to engage in anal intercourse with another male trucker.
Breaker, breaker. Any takers? Good ol' boy lookin' for some mud on my turtle. It's a big 10-4.
by 21st Century Soothsayer April 04, 2010
A lathered or infected cunt which discharges some form of liquid.
If you get anywhere near her clabber cunt, be sure you have your rain poncho and boots on!
by 21st Century Soothsayer April 04, 2010
A backwoods Southern U.S. term for a woman's snatch.
I think her mosey grinder is overheating. Better go nail that one!
by 21st Century Soothsayer April 04, 2010
Anyone who does something of value, any value, for someone or something other than themselves, that will be forgotten by most within nanoseconds but still, grand recognition of the event persists anyway because of the narcissistic nature of contemporary society. The requirements for earning this moniker were much more extensive in the 20th Century and earlier. Back then, you had to, like, save somebody from a fire to earn the title.
He opened the door for the old lady behind him, and he didn't even slam it in her face this time. What a hero! This great deed will be heralded for all... oh, got a text... what was I saying? Can't remember. Probably wasn't important anyway.

11pm news broadcast: Guy holds door for old lady, who escapes her normal facial bruising. This guy has just been picked to be the grand marshal of the next town parade, followed by him receiving the key to the city.
by 21st Century Soothsayer April 03, 2010
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