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1. A slang term for Cleveland, Ohio. AKA Tha land, Thieveland, Land of tha Heartless, Wasteland, 216, Tha North Coast. This can not be used for any other city that starts with a C. The Cleveland/Akron-Canton area is home to 3.5 million people. Its a very diverse area near Lake Erie. Despite what haters try to say its not all a huge crime infested slum. Yes the Eastside of Cleveland and East Cleveland (East Cleve) is all a bad area, and half the Westide of Cleveland. Also parts of Akron, Canton, Lorain, Elyria, Euclid, and some Eastside suburbs are bad too but 4/5 of the area is a great place to live.

2. If you wanna be a smart ass there is a supermarket called C Town. These supermarkets are all on the NE part of the East Coast, especially NYC and Jersey. So if you are from Cleveland and you go to the East Coast say you are from Tha Land instead of C Town, or you may confuse people or get laughed at.
"C-Town" by Bone Thugs and Twista

(Layzie Bones verse)
"I'm from a place, really ain't safe, Cleveland the birthplace
Midwest niggas, yeah, we stay thirsty
Tim's in the winter with the J's in the summer
all four season's we stay workin'
ride with a g'
come and slide with a g'
with the true's in Tha Land we can ride to the beat
light it up, let it burn when you vibin' with me
gotta keep it real to survive in these streets..."
by 216ski May 17, 2008
1. A phrase created in the hood on the Eastside of Cleveland, OH10. Meaning: What it do?, Whats up?, whats going on?, or whats poppin?

2. A song, and music video made by East Cleveland natives ABM Officialz. The video was shot in East Cleveland.

From the song: ABM Officialz "What it Dooski":
-"Picture this me sippin kris, your house mortgage jump on my wrist, hoppin out tha big body whip, yo wife up on my dick"
Clevelander- "What it Dooski"
Houston Guy- "You mean what it do?"
Clevelander- "Nah bitch, in the C we talkin ski, down south its what it do!"
Houston Guy- "Brilliant..."
by 216ski August 24, 2007
Also Known as "True", "Trues":
Its a common phrase originating in Cleveland made popular by Bone Thugs N Harmony. It basically means what it says, a "true" or "real" thug. To be a true, you have to be true to yourself and not be a fake. You have to be true to the people around, you have to be real about everything and come from the heart about everything. A "tru" doesnt mean a gangsta, becuz there are fake gangsters and there are wannabe gangsters,a "Tru" is completely real.

The phrase became popular specifically on the Eastside of Cleveland on St. Clair Ave. (Tha Clair) Especially in the Glenville neighborhood. It spread all across the ghettos in Cleveland, and into other ghettos across the nation. Its not as popular as it once was, but is still used in Cleveland. It was especially popular with the SCTs (St. Clair Thugs) a huge gang, and organization centralized on St. Clair and E105th St. Bone Thugs are members of the SCTs. Some "Waste 5" (10-5) gang members are also SCTs.
Flesh N Bone: T.H.U.G.S.: Trues Humbly United Gathering Souls.

There was also a female rap duo from Cleveland named "II Tru"
by 216ski April 23, 2008
The areas that are near a great lake in the Midwest/NE region. It is also sometimes referred to as the Mid East of America. This area is a sub-region of the Midwest. It is a very urban area. Major Cities on the North Coast include: Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Buffalo(All Great Cities). Cleveland is sometimes referred to as the North Coast. Specifically, the North Coast is the area in the Midwest/NE that is within 60 miles of a Great Lake(small area, but much better than the rest of the Midwest). The North Coast doesnt like to be confused with the redneck, hillbilly, tornadic Midwest.

You have the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast (Southern Coast), and the North Coast. Any area that isnt in any of these regions is full of rednecks and people who gave up on their dreams. The North Coast is much different from the rest of the Midwest.

Cool Guy: "Where u from man"
Clevelander: "The Midwest"
Cool Guy: "Ohh, that sucks man, I hate tornadoes"
Clevelander: "No, not THAT midwest, I meant the North Coast"
Cool Guy: "Ohhh, good, I thought u were one of those redneck, hillbilly, tornado, year round swirly-head-ass guys from Omaha, Cincinnati, KC..."
Clevelander: "haha nah, but wtf is a swirly-head-ass?"
Cool Guy: "Redneck guys who look like they get a swirly everyday becuz of all the tornadoes and shit"
by 216Ski April 21, 2008
East Cleve is one of the slang terms used for the areas on the Eastside of Cleveland and East Cleveland (EC). Cleveland is also known as Tha Land, C-Town, Land Of tha Heartless, and Wasteland. The Cleveland/Akron/Canton area is home to 3.5 million people. Main streets in East Cleve are Euclid Ave., St. Clair (Tha Clair), E55th st, E79th st, E93rd st, E105th st, E116th st, E152nd st, E185th st, Shaw, Harvard, Miles, Kinsman, Superior, MLK, Buckeye, and a lot more hood streets. The area is plagued with drugs, gangs, crime, and decay almost on Detroits scale.

East Cleve is one of the largest ghetto areas in America. And Im not talking about funny ghetto like suburb people use it, Im talking about real real bad areas. Its also the worst and biggest ghetto in Ohio. It makes Youngstown and Cincinnati look like the suburbs. Famous people from East Cleve include Bone Thugs N Harmony, Halle Berry, Steve Harvey, Troy Smith, and Terrence Howard. Also rappers Al Fatz, Chip Tha Ripper, Original Mo Thugs, real Souljah boy (not that crank that fag), Corey Bapes, ABM Officialz, Ray Cash, Drastik, Caine, 71 North, 216, and more. Also singers the O'Jays, Avant, Cheri Dennis, Gerald Levert are all from Cleveland.
East Cleve also has its own slang terms. Bone made "Trues" popular. "Trues meaning real thugs or "TRUES: Humbly United Gathering Souls" Also "Came Down" was reinvented in Cleve by Al Fatz and the SLAB. "What it dooski" is slang in Cleveland for "what it do". Cappin was started in Cleve. And Swangin doors started in Cleveland (having speakers in the doors, and opening em up). Tha Land is finally starting to get respect it deserves. Oh and people smoke A LOT of weed here. Its a great place.

Bone Thugs: "East 99 is where you find me slangin me yayo daily, Cleveland is the city where we come from so run run!!"
by 216ski April 21, 2008
1. A sexual act. You get head from a bitch, then before you cum, turn her head around and put it in the toilet and flush it for a swirly then you jam your dick in her ass, turn her around again and skeet all over her hair, and let it dry. It is complicated and takes many tries to master. If done correctly, the following day the bitchs hair will be sticking up like a damn Super Saiyan, a white-haired super saiyan at that.

2. Any person thats hair is in a swirl (like a tornado), and looks like they just received a swirly, whether the hair is dry or wet. It is also specifically used for people living in areas with lots of tornadoes, mostly redneck areas of the South and Midwest (excluding the North Coast). Places with Swirly Head Ass people are: KC, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, Omaha, Cincinnati, and every other place in tornado alley which just happens to be filled with 95% rednecks and hillbillys.
Dude 1: "Hey dude whats wrong with ur girlfriends hair today? it was all white and crusty and stuck up like a Super Saiyan Goku?"
Dude 2: "I gave her a Swirly Head Ass last night, I guess that bitch doesnt shower"
by 216Ski April 21, 2008
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