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A face soooooo ugly that it looks like a car crash.

10-50=police 10 code for car crash

Face= a man or womens face

10-50+face= a car crash face
Dalton-Man.... that bitch mary has a 10-50 face.

Keith-Yea your right I thank that it is a 10-50 J4.
by 212 January 29, 2008
1) To beat someone up

2) To relocate there frame of there body

3) To hurt someone so bad that there body is life less and the frame of there body is broken.

4) Warning!!!!! If you beat someone out the frame you are probably going to have 1st degree assualt charges on you.
Man last night this motherfucker walked up to me talking that shit so I beatem out the frame.
by 212 January 29, 2008
1)Commonly associated with police officers when they arrest someone.

2)To arrest someone.
Officer-Captain I have this guy that just ran from me.

Captain-Well catch that dumb ass and hookem up,Then take him to the police hotel.
by 212 January 29, 2008

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