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a very happy, sexy girl. She is cheerful fun and hilarious to be around. She can be VERY random, but her friends love her for it. Although she looks very innocent and kind, she can be very perverted, and dirty minded. When someone says something all she hears is the dirty minded part of the conversation. She watches porn, and gets turned on by it. She enjoys playing with herself. She get very horny at times as well. Her appearance can fool just about anyone! Jamie has a personality of a child and is very child-like.
Justin:"Wow, Jamie seems very kind and caring"
Maria:"Are we talking about Jamie? She is not as innocent as she looks!"
Justin: "Oh really?"
Tim: "She is hot! Trust me dude, you should get together with her! Jamie is Sexy in bed!"
Maria: "I told you so"
by 20404dirty2000 October 22, 2011

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