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A town located in northern California about 2 hours away from San Francisco. It is stereotyped as a rich white neighborhood- because Jame Franco and other famous people were born there. Its two high schools are Paly (northern) and Gunn(southern). Do not be fooled by what people say, there are many ratty parts and homeless people wandering University ave. Watch out!
"Hey man nice car where do work?
Palo Alto.
Oh... that explains a lot"
by 2014paly November 22, 2010
Gunn High school began after the school district realized Paly High is way too boss. Too many kids wanted to be able to have the same pride as normal Palo Alto kids had when they said they go to Paly. So now they created Gunn High school- which is the reason for suicides, and asians brains taking over.

They are very a irresponsible school. How could a school let eggs be thrown all over(2009)? or let Paly kick their butts in football?
face it. Paly owns!
"You are retarded. You must go to Gunn"
by 2014paly November 22, 2010

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