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(noun)- someone who lives a lifestyle of politeness, good education, & old money.
preps usually go to new england boarding schools or private schools on the east coast. the schools that they attend usually set them up to go onto Ivy League or outstanding colleges (Princeton, Harvard, UVA, UPENN, Stanford).
preps also have a special taste in clothing. they wear classy & cute clothes from stores like Lilly, Polo Ralph Lauren, J Crew, & Juicy Couture. Preppy colors are tropical such as pink, green (light or dark), baby blue, nantucket red, yellow, white, bright orange. a few normal preppy outfits consist of:
(for girls) Lilly sundress with Lilly flipflops. Polo, ribbon belt, jeans, & birkenstocks. Rugby polo, cords, & rainbow flipflops. hair is occaisionally tied up with a ribbon or colorful headband.
(for guys) shaggy or clean cut hair (can wear a baseball cap or visor to create flip effect). ralph lauren searsucker jacket, oxford, preppy pattern tie, khaki pants, boat docker shoes. polo, searsucker shorts, ribbon belt, new balance sneakers. polo, jeans, ribbon belt, rainbow flip flops. OVERALL: any pastel colored outfit is okay for a prep to wear!
what do preps do for fun?
they participate in school activies including being the life of the school dances and out of school dances. preps always know how to throw a bad ass party or have a good time.
preps vacation on martha's vineyard, nantucket, palm beach FL, the outer banks, rohoboth, etc. any peaceful/wealthy location. preps have pretigue and their family has ooooold money.
preps have expensive cars such as land rovers, jeep wranglers, BMWs, porshes, volvos, lexus, mercedez, lamburginis, etc.
in conclusion, the preppy lifestyle is the only way to go if u want respect. and by NO MEANS it means that u "hate" other types of people like lower class, goths, punks etc.
preppy girl 1: "wow, look at that preppy girl in the cute Lilly dress!"
preppy girl 2: "i know, i have that dress. i also have a beach house next to hers on martha's vineyard."

Respect ur preps.
by 2009 hottie May 15, 2005

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