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The greatest Mustang Club in Oklahoma if not the World. Home of the Jerbear!

Started in 2006-
Bold Moves Mustang Club is dedicated to giving our members a setting in which they can enjoy the passion that we all share for our beloved Mustang. BMMC is committed to our members and we strive to provide a unique and pleasurable atmosphere where you can make lifelong friends while enjoying a common interest.
Bold Moves Mustang Club of Tulsa
Bmmc Rocks!
by 2006Gt January 23, 2009
Trans-gendered hairy creature closely resembling a Big Foot but only smellier. Populations a small and falling due to the species homosexual lifestyle and habits…
Habitat is unknown however, most sightings have been in and around North Eastern Oklahoma. Limited sightings have occurred through the United States.
Jerbear = Homosexual Bigfoot like creature.
by 2006Gt January 23, 2009
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