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A female undergarment whose sole purpose is to deceive men.
Bob was incredibly excited to finally see his busty new girlfriend topless...to only find that her undergarments were of the "supporting" variety. Foiled, once again...by the bra.
by 2 guys and a dog March 25, 2010
When one has a deep, profound concern over the the bowel habits of another individual.

Referenced from the show Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Larry David: Okay, listen, it's none of her business...

Richard Lewis: She has bowel concern for you, and I do too.

Larry David: I don't need her bowel concern!
by 2 guys and a dog December 08, 2009
Low brow, formulaic fiction novels usually only found in grocery stores and drug stores. The only time they do get noticed/purchased is when the individual is forced to wait in line for a long time.
With titles like "No Escape" and "The Final Surrender," Bob figured both novels had to be good...after standing in line for 20 minutes. He only realized what he had when he got home; the novels were both waiting line fiction.
by 2 guys and a dog January 20, 2010

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