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to walk up behind a girl 2 in the pink 1 in the stink similar to the shocker but in a bowling ball fashion
damn raymond walk up behind that fine ass latino and give her the ol' bowling ball grip thatll tighten up her ass.
by 2 beer January 03, 2004
to jerk your gerk,or slap the ol' monkey around,play with your cock and balls.
peter is one horny pudd puller. damn lets call him peter pudd puller.
by 2 beer January 04, 2004
when your drinking at booty's house and you get drunk off 2 weierbacher and your friends are making fun of you but you swear to them that you had more then 2 beers, you also get a half chub when a small skinny ass girl rubs against you.
what are you talking about?if you play edward 40 hands youll be lit for a week you 2 beer half chub queer.
by 2 beer January 03, 2004

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