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1 definition by 1uck35t4r5

The nines is the worlds longest running conspiracy theory, that has roots in Europe, Africa, and Asia and inspired studies like Astrology and Numerology. The theory is that every thing is based on mathematics, stating that mathematics would be the only logical universal language. The theory also goes to state that there are only nine different possible personalities and that you can know the future by decoding the messages. It goes even further as to state that the entire fate of the human race can be revealed through numbers. There are nine references and jokes all over the world and have been for thousands of years (Fable 2, The Nines, The Odyssey). The number nine is foreboding sign so if you see one while doing something dangerous then you may not want to attempt it, on the other hand it can also be viewed as a good sign so be wary and precede with caution.
Andrew: "Man I wonder what Phill is up to?"

Josh: "I don't know but I'm seeing "Nines" everywhere."

Dustin: "Maybe we should go see him."

Darrel: "Yeah well maybe we shouldn't."

Everyone: "Call him!"
by 1uck35t4r5 April 13, 2010