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The process, through supplying one's own saliva as lubricant to their anus directly from the oral cavity to the anal and thrusting of the tongue, lips, face, and eventually ones entire head inside their own colon, in which the practitioner becomes an asshat or rectum necklace.
If you're done rimming-up, Mr. Beck, we've got more multiracial right-wing douchbags who've come to speak at this stupid fucking rally of yours.

As Bill Maher has shown and the Tea Party has proven by choosing her as representation, Christine O'Donnell has truly and fully rimmed-up.
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
One who has their neck surrounded by their own rectum. Thus wearing their rectum as a necklace. Synonymous with asshat.
Briann keeps deleting my tags on facebook pics. Who does that rectum necklace think she is?
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
A person who works as the owner and/or administrative leader of a capitalist and/or fascist company. See also corporate underpimp.
Corporate pimps not only reap the larger payoff from their whores' dealings with customers, they also usually mount them themselves as a means of maintaining their dominant status.
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
A non-owner supervisory position within a capitalst/fascist company, usually working also as a corporate whore.
The store manager didn't want to inform me himself that he was going to sodomize me with a mandatory schedule change so he got his corporate underpimp to do it.
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
The degree to which a perceived authority, i.e. mpaa, pope, and usda, believe a thing should be accessible to children.
According to a great many early christians and judaists, and many modern muslims, non-consensual sex with a pre-pubescent girl was of a high degree of family-friendliness, as long as her owner was the partner and all viewers and participants were members of the household.

United States culture generally says that vegetables have a low degree of family-friendliness, compared to high sugar or sugar-substitute foods.

As long as euphemisms and discrete phallic pictures are all that the movie references to sex, the mpaa will consider giving the movie a g rating for family-friendliness.
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
The maneuver in which a male or a hermaphrodite bends its penis to temporarily relieve pain associated with an otherwise unattended erection, much akin to the feeling of pushing on a bruise.

A generic term for dances done with a friend you want to have sex with but who does not want to have sex with you in which the dancers do not come into purposeful physical contact.
Carlos had nothing else he could do, watching his professor pick up her dropped marker in that short skirt, but a thirty degree dickbender.

At the halloween party Mark danced the standard american dickbender set with his best friend, Tiffany, including the seventies point, the face-in-a-box, and caught-on-the-fishing-line.
by 1fooln6billion October 28, 2010
A penis that is red and sore from masturbating too much.
Hank had the whole compound to himself for the day, so he decided to make himself a rusty venture.
by 1fooln6billion November 24, 2010
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