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When someone is complaining at length about something you are in TOTAL aggreement with
Dude: I was at work jamming on my itunes and my boss made a big stink

Friend: You're "bitchin' to the choir" man!
by 1ezlife October 24, 2011
The posting of mundane information that is better suited to twitter
FB Post: I just had a ham sandwich for lunch
Comment: Dude, don't face-tweet me that boring shit!
by 1ezlife August 19, 2011
When your email or other cyber communications are compromised.
It's an updated version of shit happens.

Dude: My email was hacked yesterday
Buddy: Hack happens man
by 1ezlife July 11, 2011
When you have a date with REALLY hot chick and you want to have more staying power.
Me: I've got a date with Rebeeca tonight

Friend: You better pre-unload. She's so hot I shoot my wad in 5 minutes just thinking about her!
by 1ezlife October 01, 2010
Threesome with ALL women
Dude: I just watch this porn video with 3 chicks getting it on
Buddy: Oh, you saw a menage-a-twat flick
by 1ezlife August 19, 2011
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