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2 definitions by 1eyedwilly7

A female/male/hermaphrodite performing fellatio while on their knees.
Me: I'd like to have a great time tonight.

Her: Well what did you have in mind?

Me: I was thinking of wining and dining, but maybe we can skip that and head right to the age-old "knee fad". I need to wake up early tomorrow and figured it would help me get to sleep faster

___________________ * *
Her: 8====D-- -- ------ 0
by 1eyedwilly7 June 27, 2010
One who uses the internet to complete the every task they have faced in life since the internet has become so trendy.
Joe: I need to fix this plumbing problem in my house.

John: I've got the internet I'll find out what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Joe: Thanks, I always knew having an internet jockey like you as a friend would prove useful someday.
by 1eyedwilly7 November 26, 2009