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When you go to work Very tired but know the in's and out's of your job so well that you can practically do it in your sleep; therefore requiring little or no thought proccess. You are just kind of in a robot mode; able to perform the neccessary tasks required of you regardless of your current sleep deprivation.
Tired Robot mode Sleep deprivation Job Requirements...."How are you this morning Joey?...I didn't get much sleep last night so I'll be Sleep Working today but don't worry; I can do this job with out even having to think about it!"
by 1KoolNana! June 14, 2010
When you learn something totally new that you have never heard of or done before; to make a new discovery. To achieve or accomplish something you've never tried before.
Learn New Discovery Accomplished ......"I learned something totally new today & had no problem grasping the concept; I'm totally up on it! "
by 1KoolNana! July 06, 2010
Something that is both SPLENDID and FANTASTIC. When an event or happening, or even an item purchased that is Exactly what you have been searching for, is SO perfect that to choose only ONE word for it would not do it justice.
Wow! that trip we took was absolutely Spendistic! I will remember it for a lifetime!

It was SO wonderful to spend time with my Grandson; we had an absolutely Spendistic time together!

That picture i bought for my living room was Exactly what i have been looking for; it's absolutely splendistic!
by 1KoolNana! January 31, 2011
When something is SO funny that it is both Hillarious AND Hysterical!
Hillarious Hysterical Funny ....."That comedian we went to see last night was so Funny; he was absolutely Hillarical !"
by 1KoolNana! July 06, 2010
To break a confidence or a trust. When someone confides something Very personal & private to you; trusting you to Keep it confidential only to discover that they were betrayed & the 'private' conversation you had with them has now been told to several other people.
Confidence Betrayal Trust Private Persoanl...."I feel SO hurt; I trusted Amber with something very Personal & now I'm hearing several people talking about it. I Can't believe she Spilled On me like that!"......"Tina broke a confidence; she Spilled On me; she just Can't be trusted to keep her mouth shut"
by 1KoolNana! June 15, 2010
*When a person is Maximally Onery to the BONE!

*Referring to a person who is SO Totally Unbelievably Onery!

*Can be used to refer to a humorous Adult but is most commonly used to refer to a young Child; generally from the ages of 1-5 years old.

*Pronounciation (Ah-n-re-Ah-So) (Max-i-mus)
My little two year old Grandson is SO Totally Onriosso Maximus; you can see it in his EYES! You just never know what his next move is going to be!
by 1KoolNana! April 20, 2011
To be hyped-up or Buzzed on a large dose of caffiene such as an Energy Drink like "Amp", "Rockstar" or "Monster"
Hyper Hyped-up Caffiene energy drink Buzzed....."I came in to work SO tired this morning; I drank an Amp & Now I'm Zinked!" ....... "Rob is zinked; he's Full of energy now that he drank that Rockstar!"
by 1KoolNana! June 14, 2010

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