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3 definitions by 1973horn

A mayblow is a vehicle tire that is cautiously on its last tread.....with the driver insistent to drive on it until the tire blows-out.
Rhonda is driving her car on a set of mayblows.....she better drive carefully because one of them mayblow today....or it mayblow tomorrrow.
by 1973horn February 21, 2011
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have sexual intercourse and not shoot your wad or reach a climax
Me and my date got so numb drunk last night, we bumped and grinded for hours and all we could do is fizzlefuck.
by 1973Horn January 04, 2013
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A chest charger is a cigarette
Bobby took a long drag from his chest charger and his craving for nicotene stopped.
by 1973Horn June 21, 2010
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