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1) A Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts master currently fighting for the UFC. Nicknamed "The Spider" for no discernible reason other than it looks cool on t-shirts.

2) Current UFC-Pride FC Middleweight champion.

1) To kick everyones' asses so monstrously that you intentionally gain weight so you can fight people larger than you.

2) To Fuck someone's shit up in five minutes or less.

1) Anderson Silva is the best Pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

2) I can't believe Anderson Silva just kicked someone's ass so hard that his opponent shat himself mid fight.

" I was ready to fight the guy but then I heard he Anderson Silva'd some fool last week. He may never walk, talk or eat solid food ever again."

"Hey, did you hear the good news? I put on ten pounds, can't wait to Anderson Silva those fat bastards down at the gym.
by 187 on the motherfuckin' rocks September 13, 2008
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