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Lilys are like my BFFs.
All Lilys are beautiful and different, just like the flower. Lily can be a shortened version of Lilliana, which is a flower. Any guy should be lucky to know a Lily. They're pretty, unique, special, and sweet. All Lilies are beautiful and wear their hair in bows and little hairties. Lilies who play sports are even better. They rock at soccer, hockey, and skateboarding. They don't really hang out with the guys, just the girls will do for them. Never shy, sometimes timid at trying new things. All girls want to be Lilies. Fave colors are pink, blue and purple.
That girl is so beautiful. She must be a Lily
by 15potsocki December 14, 2010
durham academy is a home to students in the triangle area. many students are avid duke fans (f-you) or UNC fans (f-you too). they are snooty rich kids. it's a completely white school. no one who goes to public schools likes them.

the students think they are ghetto-ass white kids and know they're rich.
dude, do you know that school thats rich and stuff?

you mean, durham academy?


i hate that school!
by 15potsocki December 14, 2010

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