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Is a language very similar to Gibberish that only 4-5 people in the world know at the moment. Origin Australia, South Australia.
Teakanese: "Parush dil gilma dileta mahier"
English Translation: BALLIN NIHHH HAMM.
by 144magnoliascreet November 25, 2011
a lucious growth of hair on the back of the neck that is usually found on people with unusual amounts of black hair all over the body.
person: hey clowny, let me get a wiff of ya neck hair (swipes it) mmmmmmm that smells good
Clowny (person with neck hair): *throwing punches while screaming*
by 144magnoliascreet November 25, 2011
A greaser is someone that is very annoying and lies about getting with chicks. And also is very greasy in the face.
Greaser: oi bro I got with these 2 chicks in Bali, one was English and the other was American I had my own appartment and all.

Person: NOOOOOO GREASER, NO you do didnt.
by 144magnoliascreet November 25, 2011

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