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An unspoken law of the universe, stating that attractive females are inherently drawn towards males of no purpose nor worth.
Chris Brown is such a douche bag, why the hell is Rihanna interested in him? Douche Law.
by 1410 December 11, 2011
Noun. A girlfriend who wants to control your weiner with a poisonous, spiked, explosive ball and chain. This girl consumes every waking moment of your life while depriving you of vaginal delight. She provides you with all of the hardships associated with a fiancee while presenting none of the benefits of having a casual girlfriend. Once sucked into the black hole of the girlancee, there is simply no hope of returning to a life containing anything remotely resembling happiness.
"Hey, where is our roommate Calvin?" roommate 1. "Oh, he is at his girlancee's house," roommate 2. "Poor guy," roommate 1.
by 1410 December 11, 2011
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