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1 definition by 13lueD0G

ok people, stop talkin shit about the kid. You shouldn't judge people you don't even know. Yes his voice is rather high pitched, but so was Michael Jacksons and wether you like him (Michael Jackson) or not you gotta admit the man was a genious. Any way, Justin Bieber is a very talented kid and he's very lucky to have this much success at such a young age. And he's not only liked for his looks, he has an amazing vioce and it is changing, but he said in an interview his vocal coach is helping him through it. So just back off and if you don't like him so much then don't listen to him, any one who talks crap about him is just some jealous, ignorant, teenage boy who is just trying to be like everyone else and hate who everyone else hates just so they don't get made fun of. However I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I like justin biebers music, I've seen his movie, I'm a guy and I have a girlfriend. She and all of my friends know all of thies things and they're cool with it. So just be yourself, have an opinion and don't judge a book by it's cover.
person 1 "oh my f***ing god I hate justin bieber, he sounds like a 10 year old girl and he's so gay and every one only likes him cause of his hair and looks"

person 1.5 "dude, what's wrong with Justin Bieber. He's very talented and has an amazing voice. And his movie wasn't too bad"

person 1 "oh dude your so gay, you like Justin Bieber?!? Wow"

person 1.5 "yeah, I like justin bieber. I even like a few of his songs. He's very talented and extreemly popular. But you don't even know him so you shouldn't judge him. Even if you don't like him, you gotta admit he's got an amazing voice."

person 1 "yeah, I guess your right. But just don't listen to him around me."

person 1.5 "ok. No prob."
by 13lueD0G February 20, 2011