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Back Porch Good Times
1. Drinking beer and playing Rummy or card games.

2. For that fact..maybe just drinking beer and cigs.

3. "Dude...are we BPGT tonight?"
by 13blackcats December 17, 2008
1. When on a cougar hunt one finds a successful "kill" whom he/she finds adequate for consumption... your takin' it back to the den.
1. (when in a bar) Dude says to another : "Takin' it to the den, eh?"

by 13blackcats December 17, 2008
The act of resembling a condom which has been used in the process of ass penetration.

Which or may not have been in gay anal sex.

Ie: Dirty asshat.
Ex: "Dude...don't be such an asshat"
by 13blackcats December 17, 2008

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