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Half human, half cat creatures, usually female, which are often seen in anime and manga. Synonymous with catgirl, they are adored and fetishized by otaku and commonly seen in hentai.

From the japanese 'neko' meaning cat, and 'jin' meaning person/nationality/race.

They usually have a human body with cat ears and a cat tail and cat eyes with slits for pupils, and sometimes wear paw shaped mittens.

Nekojin with greater feline anthropomorphic characteristics such as fur covering the body and paws for hands and feet cross into the furry genre. Nekojin sometimes make furry fans out of anime fans or anime fans out of furry fans.

Lists of nekojin characters can be found here:

That nekojin is cute isn't she? How I would love to pet her ears and stroke her fluffy tail.
by 1337otaku July 26, 2008
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