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One of the most influential bands in Maine, albeit the members may be suffering severely from being in Wharf Form for too long. Despite their grisly beards and gruff appearances, they enjoy Mishee Coffee Bones and bagels.
Wharf Dude: "Oh yeah, bub, I'm goin' to tha Wharfcatz show afta' I eat this raw fish."
Guy: "Oh my God... is your face covered in barnacles? *Helpless scream*"
by 1337h4x0r? January 16, 2007
Wharf Form is the physical and sometimes mental result of a being lingering around a wharf for far too long. To be in Wharf Form means that one has become the most grisly form of one's self, and can repel others with a seaweedy stare. Wharf Form has frightened many, but it has also inspired some: the most notable example being Wharfcatz, a godly band from Maine.
Wharf Dude: "Yarg! Come yonder and have some Mishee Soup!"
Woman: "Tom, get away from that wharf dude! He'll take your soul!"
Tom: "I just want to pet his cat, woman."

R.I.P. Tom, 12/15/06.
by 1337h4x0r? January 16, 2007

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