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1.) The process of Bonding, but between two or more good male friends, or bros.

2.) An activity involving two or more straight males that could be perceived as homosexual if witnessed.
"Me and the guys are goin' up north for a fishing trip, gonna be some serious bronding done this weekend."

Matt: "Man, mike kept complaining about sleeping on the floor, so I finally let him sleep in my bed with me."
Brian: "That's borderline gay, dude."
Matt: "Nah dude, pure bronding, that's all that was."
by 132299 April 16, 2009
After having sex with someone for the first time, the inevitable thought that you may possibly have just received some strange STD, even if safe sex was practiced.

STD Paranoia can also lead to the misinterpretation of something harmless as symptoms of an STD.
John: "Remember that girl i told you I hooked up with about a week ago? I think she gave me an STD, I have this patch of red skin on my dick!"
Craig: "Sounds like a classic case of STD Paranoia bro, don't worry, it happens to everyone. Just put some moisturizer on that shit and you're golden."
by 132299 April 16, 2009
Alarm Clock Dyslexia is when one often fails to notice that the AM/PM settings are incorrect when they set their alarm. (this excludes the difference between noon and midnight, cause that is just downright confusing)

This syndrome is known to cause tardiness in the morning, however, few people know the syndrome even exists, and thus, people who do have the syndrome are often mislabeled as morons or nincompoops.
"I am a sufferer of alarm clock dyslexia, I was supposed to wake up at 6 this morning, but it turns out I set my alarm for 6 at night. When I explained my condition to my boss, he obviously had never heard of it... he asked me if i wore a helmet to bed, then told me to go sit in the corner and think about what i just said."
by 132299 April 16, 2009
Since the death of the unibrow, there has been a new era of eyebrow faux paus ushered in to existence, the eurobrow. The eurobrow is acheived when a male dawns obviously plucked eyebrows.

"that dude has the whole eurobrow thing goin on, what a douche."

"It's one thing to do do a little maintenance to make sure you aren't rockin a unibrow, but it's another thing to sport a eurobrow."

by 132299 April 16, 2009

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