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A name for my boobs or just anyones boobs in general.
I need to stay home and look after the twins.
by 13 March 26, 2003
To have a long penis, but not be large in circumference.
Holy shit your dick looks like an unsharpened pencil!!
by 13 July 08, 2005
The act of making love to an eye socket.
Hey there Mr. Skull...you look like you could use some socket love.
by 13 March 26, 2003
My name for the little white guy on the street crossing signs...you know, the walkie man!
Can't cross the street yet, the walky man isn't there.
by 13 March 26, 2003
A car horn..I couldn't think of the name for it...sue me.
Hey Cole hit the honk Button!
by 13 March 26, 2003
A goth hick. A hillbilly lookin mother fucker who has gothic tendancies. It's really sad trust me.
You fucking gothhick.
by 13 March 26, 2003
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