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A city that has a town inside of a little city (Old Towne). It runs from one side of 124 to the other side of 124. The important neighborhoods run from Towncrest to Spiceberry. Where everybody go see ICC on a Saturday. Where Wale from. Where everyone knows each other. Where clubs get shut down because your fighting your next door neighbor. Where everybody know a hustler that's still on the block at age 40 with no career goals, but nickelin an dimin. Where FB, Twitter, & Myspace is our only forms of communication. Where we still beef with them 612, LP niggas and they right next to us. Where enemes drink with each other. Where all the females realized too late there were sexier men in DC. Where all the men still swear they still got it, and gettin money!
Gaithersburg is where your babyfather then messed with your bestfriend, friend, cousin, neigbor, sister .... You get the point!!!
by 124Hunniez March 14, 2011

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