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1 definition by 123mcnasty

when you shoot ropes of man milk over one's mouth in a fashion so that it resembles the mask worn by dr. hannibal lecter. a minimum of 3 "ropes" are required to be a true hannibal lecter, in keeping with the style of the traditional mask adorned by the aforementioned.
I gave her a few squirts and before she knew it, she was rockin the Hannibal Lecter. then i ate her liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti..

Sgt. Spermalot: everything was going great but the way she was gobbling my dick up, i thought..
Major Cummage: Cannibal??
Sgt. Spermalot: needless to say i gave her the Hannibal Lecter treatment
by 123mcnasty March 28, 2009