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While having a sex with a girl from behind he quickly removes his cock from her asshole and quickly replaces it with a stale loaf of French Bread, never ever replace the French bread or the integrity of the act will be lost.
Damn Jim gave me the best Screaming Frenchman last night. I can't walk properly now, i think i still have some crumbs up there.
by 1234567paper February 05, 2011
The act of slamming ones penis with large (preferably blunt) object until numb then proceeding to fornicate. Also known as 'Smash and Bang' or 'The Numb Missile'
Fancy a Slamadan? Slamadanning is my favourite? Fuck Ramadan it's all about Slamadan! I Slamadanned her all night!
by 1234567paper February 05, 2011
A flashing light which frustrates you and therefore makes you horny.
The flashing light bulb gives me an erection
by 1234567paper February 05, 2011
A collective term for a group of people that dress up as different foods and have an orgy.
The Hagandav are meeting again tonight, i'm dressing up as cheesecake!
by 1234567paper February 06, 2011
A toilet seat covered in both icy-hot and sealed with cling film
I Rimboed the fuck out of my buddy's toilet seat last night... My ass is still numb, aint gonna sit down for a week.
by 1234567paper February 05, 2011
A job which involves a lot of blowing. E.g blowing out candles in a church
its gonna take a serious blow job to blow out these candles
by 1234567paper February 06, 2011

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