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1 definition by 123456789099876543234567

Co-host of "Hannity and Colmes" on FOX news who claims to be a 'Liberal' while attacking other Liberals.


TED RALL, COLUMNIST AND POLITICAL CARTOONIST: There is no respect for a man who...

COLMES: So why say with all respect? Isn't that hypocritical? Because you're not showing any respect.

RALL: It's called sarcasm, Alan.

COLMES: Look, Ecclesiastes says for everything there is a season and I think there's a time. I've spent many years being critical of Reagan's policies, and I'm sure the time will come once again to debate those things.

RALL: Clearly, I mean, I'm just...

COLMES: You need to understand my question.

BOOKS by Alan Colmes: Red, White, and Liberal
Alan Colmes isn't a liberal.
by 123456789099876543234567 November 06, 2004
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