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The best city in the country, and one of the only ones that isn't 99 % suburban shit (LA, Atlanta, Houston)
by 12345 August 13, 2003
Another word for the M3 12 Gauge shotgun in SOCOM II.This gun has a huge reticle can kill a target in a few hits. Your enemy flys back sometimes when hit, giving the player with the newbie blaster a few seconds to hit the enemy again. It is used by people who have no skill in SOCOM II what so ever and they need to use a cheap gun to get kills.

Probably the cheapest,unfair, and newbie weapon in SOCOM II.
XXXXX has 0 kills and 5 deaths and kills. XXXXX equips a M3 12 Gauge shotguna and gets 5 kills in one round.
by 12345 August 01, 2004
Abbreviation for Boonton Township, a suburb in North Jersey full of woods and farms.
Its rough out here on the mean streets of BT.
by 12345 December 15, 2003

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