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1 definition by 11B20

A communist who was inept and had no formal medical training. When the nuclear ICBM's were in place in Cuba he wanted to blow up NY. Castro used Ernesto "Che" Guevara for his families money to pay off the Army of Batista. The "revolution" was one of the calmest ones in history. He raped, murdered, squandered the Cubans lives and money. He thought and believed that musicians, actors, capitalists were useless and evil. He managed to ruin the 5 Billion dollar (USD) surplus that Batista and his evil capitalist friends had made while he was in power. Batista was using the rich Americans as a cash cow through tourism and gambling. Guevara was a horrible leader during his attempted coups in other countries. He failed in life and as proof he died saying I am worth more to you alive than dead.
by 11B20 February 15, 2010