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1 definition by 10j03

Any person from the Americas but usually means someone from the U.S.
Contrary to the popular opinion of other countries (France,England, ect.) we are not all fat, stupid, arrogant, and violent. We still have the leading education system in the world, we are well aware that 1/3 of the world hates us and are not war mongers. If people want to criticize us for stereo typing they should at least avoid using stereo types in their argument. True we do have a obesity problem because of a high fat diet with little exercise to compensate. This is mostly because are nation is spread out across a vast distance and drive everywhere because of that.We are not violent rednecks our country has only fought wars when we believed necessary for the security of our citizens. Which if you look at the middle east and Europe where pretty calm. Also most of you owe your freedom to the U.S. for saving you in world war 2. So next time you say Americans are stupid, dum, violent, and arrogant remember we are leading in education, we saved many countries from being taken over by Nazi Germany. Also we are not all monolingual, all states now require 2 years of the same language to graduate and unlike other countries that require you to learn the native language before getting citizen ship the U.S. does not, in fact we don't even have an official language.

P.S. it's not arrogant to defend you country from slander.
Ese americano es muy amable, inteligente y tiene un excelente español.
For those you who aren't Bilingual maybe you should quit mocking the U.S. and learn some Spanish so you can translate that.
by 10j03 October 31, 2011