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Time Warner Cable's internet service. Beats the crap out of dial up and DSL anyday.
Roadrunner kicks lots of ass.
#internet #high speed #dsl #cable #computer
by 1069 November 26, 2005
Shit. Shite. Merde. The "S" word. The other word for "Crap"

scheisse is the German word for it. Also known as Shyste
scheisse! This piece of scheisse computer won't work. Oh well. I have to go and take a scheisse.
by 1069 May 29, 2005
Dave Matthews Band. Kings of AAA (Adult Album Alternative)
And we got DMB coming up next on 93 XRT.
#dave matthews #dave matthews band #dave #aaa #adult alternative
by 1069 September 25, 2005
Fast food place:


Food=Sometimes fine, other times undercooked

Price=Jacked. You can get 2 Cheeseburgers, Fries and a medium drink at McDonalds for $3.80. At Wendys it'll cost you $4.31 for a Cheeseburger, Fries and a drink. Just ONE Cheeseburger at Wendys will cost you 3 bucks.
Let's go to Wendys!

#fast food #mcdonalds #cheeseburger #fries #coke
by 1069 October 24, 2005
Talented legendary Reggae artist who is well known for his music and the fact that he smoked a lot of what he called "herb" He was also somewhat of a political activest. He had a band named "The Wailers"

Some of his songs include:
400 Years
Midnight Ravers
Kinky Reggae
Stop That Train
No More Trouble
One Love

He passed away after he got a tumor. Probably because he smoked so much herb.

Well loved among stoners.
Bob Marley is a great reggae artist.
#reggae #herb #marijuana #legend #music
by 1069 November 21, 2005
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