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A browser from Mozilla. Its a GREAT browser. Chances are everything will run faster. Does a great job at blocking popups and keeping spyware away. The only downsides are:

1. Takes up a LOT more memory then Internet Explorer. 28MB compared to IE's 10MB.

2. Requires new plugins to view certain things.

3. Certain things won't work with it.
Mozilla Firefox is a great browser for people who hate IE.
by 1069 April 23, 2005
got to hope
go to hell
mistake for g2g (got to go)
******: how are you doing?
******: ok.
******: g2h
by 1069 April 03, 2006
Instant messanger service and software.

The software sucks. Don't download it. It runs as slow as a turtle and displays all kinds of ads and contains spyware. Use Trillian instead to prevent frustration and viruses.
SHIT. AIM comes with Viewpoint Media Player. Aw crap more popups.
by 1069 October 24, 2005
One of those things found in public places (usually near rest rooms) that has a mini faucet and drain. People often spit, throw trash in and drink water out of these things.
Be right back I have to get a drink at the bubbler
by 1069 September 12, 2006
Female pop/rock artist from Ontario Canada. Commonly hated by people who think she's fake or a poser. Like the way T.A.T.U. was first marketed as lesbians, she was probably marketed as a Sk8er punk girl by her management because when her second album came out she was dressed completely different. Same thing with T.A.T.U. Now they're no longer lesbians. Its all marketing.
Avril Lavigne was probably MARKETED as a sk8er punk girl.
by 1069 December 01, 2005
Brand of water that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez don't want. If someone brings it to them they'll throw it and yell "NOT EVIAN!"
Here's your water Ms Lopez
by 1069 May 18, 2006
An insect that has a lot of legs and eyes. Sometimes fur. Can be poison. Come in all different sizes and colors but are usually brown or black. Makes females scream.
I hate spiders they just crawl all over the place they crawl down my wires, crawl down my plugs, crawel down my wall and I had to go kill it with a book.
by 1069 May 17, 2006

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