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When people from Philly and the surrounding areas come to North Wildwood to drink too much, have sex in ridiculous places (Like a port-a-john) and buy stupid shit they will never use and don't remember buying, also a good time to party naked. A weekend where performing Irish yoga is appropriate and never frowned upon. Also the unofficial end of the summer and a very swell time to meet some of Cape May County NJ Finest. Usually followed by one of the largest call out sick Mondays in the tri-state area...
Cindy:"Hey Jackie this is a nice shirt where did you get it"
Jackie: "Dumb-ass you bought it yesterday when you were drinking"

Toni: "Why are you naked"
Brendan: "Why am I naked?"

Toni: "Typical friday night of Irish Weekend for you"
by 106 Crew February 17, 2011

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