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2 definitions by 10111993

The most amazing guy you'll ever meet, always kind. Has a fantastic ear for music the hottest boy you'll ever see with the most amazing personality to go with it, you think about your own thoughts in your own head and your opinions he's easy to talk to almost effortless acctually and can always change your mind and the way you think about life. he's incredible, sexy, amazing kisser, spontaneous, and perfect. You'll fall in love with him instantly and never fall out.
Example: I should've never let that mackinley go.

Example: When I grow up I want to marry a mackinley

Example: your amazing, just like a mackinley!
by 10111993 February 12, 2009
47 25
A major bitch.
Girl 1: Did you hear about how tiffany started that rumor about that girl? It was horribly mean!
Girl 2: Oh my god I heard that, shes such a samm. I hate her.
by 10111993 February 15, 2009
76 85