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1. To be in a high or intoxicated state.
2. To be solo
3. Marijuana
4. A female that is easy
1. When I smoked that smoke I started to feel (zolo)
2. When I get mad I prefer to be (zolo)
3. Hydro is a very potent type of (zolo)
4. I fucked that bitch in 1 day, she was (zolo)
by 1000 November 24, 2006
A term used when someone says something absolutely irrelevent to what is occuring.
(person 1)- (Man I was smoking a blunt of some purp and that shit had me fucked up.) (person 2)- (Hell yeah! That shit was some fire!) (person 3)- (Hey yo do I got a little dick?) (person 2 and 3)- Keep it moving)
by 1000 November 20, 2006
The hardest rappers is Nas Dipset The Lox Notourios B.I.G. Trick Daddy Outkast Scarface Juvenile Paul Wall Bun B Westside Connection The Dogg Pound Snoop Dogg Game Bone Thugs N Harmony
Those are all (the hardest rappers!) Real Talk
by 1000 November 24, 2006
To make something happen.
I got 100 dollers and an ounce of dro.You trying to make it rain?
by 1000 November 19, 2006

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