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A type of girl, usually Native American or Hispanic descent, who wears BIG hoop earrings, slicks back their hair with some sort of greasy gel, has a huge bun on the top of her dark haired head, wears tight shirts (usually playboy brand etc.), tight capris, little playboy purses, and fat shoes such as etnies. They usually walk around neighborhoods and have annoying voices. They usually have black penciled on eyebrows and a lot of ugly makeup. With blue eyeshadow. Theyyy @l$0 lyke 2 t@lk lyk3 d!s 0n my$p@c3. They're the dankist.
One day, Lauren and Brooke saw a chio, before the name chio came, and decided to have a name for those things. Lauren said," DANG MAMA!!!! That gurls gots ta be called a chio!!!!!!!! " Brooke decided the name was good and the rest is history.
by 1 eyed trouser snake alfonzo June 19, 2009

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